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Previous | Next :: Time to Kick Back Tony : Labour Leaders Office House of Commons : London | June 27, 2007, 11:40 am

Time to Kick Back Tony : Labour Leaders Office House of Commons : London
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Tony Blair is giving the Spock 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few' wave. This is a very old pic which I thought I'd dig out on the occasion of TB's departure from number 10. I was pleased to see he received a very rare standing ovation from all MP's of all Parties at the end of his final address to Parliament as PM. Hey, I think he deserves it. He has literally been one of the most successful Prime Ministers of Britain ever. Certainly the most successful Labour Leader ever with 3 general election victories his legacy is unrivaled (er.... that is..... if you exclude the seriously controversial military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq). Britain spends more on health care and social provision but also has a better balance of economic health by any metric. The British have enjoyed fantastic economic growth and an increase in the numbers employed and those employed have had increases in real pay every year without drastic inflation...... year on year for 10 years.... his is the only government to have ever achieved that in the UK. The economic strength of the UK economy is reflected in its currency..... It's been so good it's now two dollars to the pound......yeah ...... I can no longer afford to move back........ha...... but hey..... I don't hold it against him. Cheers Tony ! ..... (its probably only possible to have this rosie a view from this distance... but Im on a roll)........ and just maybe he can do something in the Middle East now he did bring to an end conflict in Northern Ireland......but even I am not exactly holding my breath on this one.

Cheers Jez XX

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