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Previous | Next :: The anniversary of Hurricane Katrina | August 29, 2007, 6:48 pm

The anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
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So it's about 2 am and I'm on the phone with Jez talking about this hurricane that's just about to hit the Gulf coast. We're talking about the fact that he needs to get down there and cover it as it sounds like it's going to have quite an impact... to cut a long story short, due to the non existance of planes trains or automobiles in the region at the time Jez arrived in Atlanta later that morning and some how I'd agreed to drive down there with him.

Well, that was my first and only encounter with a disaster of that nature (if you dont count being in the New York area on Sept 11). There were some sights and smells that I'd rather not ever encounter again, but rising above all the devastation and despair was an overwhelming attitude of defiance by almost everyone we met, in that they were'nt going to be brought down by some act of nature. They were going to join forces with their neighbors and rebuild. I often wonder if they still feel that way.

Jez is pretty busy today, so I thought I'd put up this image of a little girl who had just returned with her faimly to their house for the first time after the storm.

Matt xx

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