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Previous | Next :: Red Leaves of Autumn : Tylney Hall, Hook, Hampshire : UK | September 28, 2007, 12:44 pm

Red Leaves of Autumn : Tylney Hall, Hook, Hampshire : UK
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I was looking at the front page of The Washington Times this morning, the hints of red in the saffron robes of the monks are now replaced by the dark red of blood stained streets : "Rangoon's Streets are littered with the blood and sandals of protesters after forces of the ruling Military Junta swept through the Burmese capital (clearing the demonstrators)".

On the front of the New York Times is an image of the photojournalist Kenji Nagai he is down on the floor he must be wounded but appears to be still struggling to make a picture.... a soldier of the Junta is pointing a weapon at him....... in other images taken seconds later....... Kenji has it appears been shot at close range as he lies there........ he appears to be dying in agony...... certainly later he was admitted to be dead by the regime.

My thoughts right now are with the people struggling against this disgusting fascist regime in Burma, I admire them greatly, wish them success and fear for them now........ and of course..... my thoughts and best wishes are with Kenji Nagai and his family........a shadow passes over me to see these pictures of his death . Good luck to all those taking these enormous personal risks to show the truth and bring reports on the struggle for the hope and decency of democracy. They are attempting to shine a light on this country living under this terrible dark secretive cloak of oppression, violence and fear.

I shot the above image on Sunday in Hampshire in the UK, autumn is in full swing in Southern England, this picture has a color palette and melancholy atmosphere that just seemed right for me having read this mornings papers.

Cheers Jez XXX

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