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Previous | Next :: Gold Miners #3 : One Mile Down : Reef Johannesburg 1994 | October 7, 2007, 10:06 am

Gold Miners #3 : One  Mile Down : Reef Johannesburg 1994
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I made all these gold mine photographs using Nikon F4's and Nikon SB24 flash guns on E6 RDP 35mm Fujichrome 100ASA tranny (slide) film. Those Nikon film cameras were up to a bit of a battering. Im not sure you could use most digital cameras in this level of humidity with the constant fine spray in the air leaving water dripping off everything. It was a total assault on the cameras as well as the people down there. One thing about Nikon F4's and the later F5's they were a bit like the South African gold miners themselves......... undeniably tough.

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