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Garden in Transit - Give Away 80,000 Flowers : Union Sq : NYC
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80,000 flowers thats an awful lot of wonderful flowers.......... all donated by VeriFlora!!!

Cheers Jez XX

Here is part of their Press release:

What: Portraits of Hope will blanket New York with 80,000 donated flowers, creating a pedestrian Garden in Transit. In celebration of the Garden in Transit taxi project, this Thursday thousands of New Yorkers will participate in an expansive public art and civic happening by passing along 80,000 environmentally and socially responsible certified flowers, donated by VeriFlora, throughout their neighborhoods and communities. More than 3,000 children and volunteers are participating in the celebration and more than 100,000 people are expected to be involved by day’s end. Schools in each borough will hand out flowers in their communities and along Broadway from Harlem to the Financial District. As part of the week’s activities, participating students are taking part in social issues education sessions that encourage civic engagement.

Who: Portraits of Hope, a non-profit founded in 1995, was developed initially as a creative therapy program for seriously ill and physically disabled children, the program has since expanded to include a wide array of children and adults who participate with their schools, hospitals, and community programs. Portraits of Hope’s most recent project, Garden in Transit, utilizes New York’s most visible icon- the yellow taxi- to display the artwork of thousands of children. Conceived by Ed Massey and Bernie Massey, Garden in Transit is seven years in the making and coincides with the Taxi 07 100th anniversary of the New York metered taxi. For more information, visit

The VeriFlora Sustainability Council is a new non-profit organization dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability, social responsibility and product quality in floriculture. The VeriFlora Certified Sustainably Grown label is a consumer guarantee of environmental protection, fair labor and product freshness. VeriFlora certified flowers and potted plants are available in the United States and Canada through numerous retailers and wholesalers. For more information, visit

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