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Previous | Next :: The Taxi Driver, his Lucky Parrot, his Lucky Dolphin and his Crucifix : Dupont : Washington DC | December 4, 2007, 12:45 am

The Taxi Driver, his Lucky Parrot, his Lucky Dolphin and his Crucifix : Dupont : Washington DC
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It was a cold bright windy morning in DC today....... I made this picture in a cab on the way to my shoot...... the driver told me these were his lucky charms....... he was happy to allow me to photograph them but like many primarily spanish speaking drivers in DC he did not want his face in the image..........

Im on a train at the moment I hope it will arrive in NYC not long after midnight, as scheduled, but it currently has technical difficulties so we are sitting here in the dark with no power and not moving at all......... anyway if all goes to plan tomorrow I'll do another lift shot of taxis in Times Square...... but it is very windy today ......... and forecast the same for tomorrow in NYC. It could be a hassle but this lift is not as high as the 130 foot one from the other day so hopefully wont be too scary even on a blustery day! (Mind you last time was bad enough even with no wind..... better get myself a lucky parrot and some spare undies).

Cheers Jez XX

PS........ Don Imus is back on the airwaves today with another NYC radio station syndicating his show......... (for those who don't know...... he is a famous 'shock jock' type who had his own slot for many many years but got bunged off the air for making an upsetting racist sexist remark earlier this year which created a pile of fury ........ if Im honest I'd never listened to his show or even heard of him till all this outcry against him...... now his accusers appear to have simmered-down after having had him killed-off for 8 months...... even the Rev Al Sharpton seems to think he should be given another chance (.... the Rev a man not particularly noted for turning the other cheek)....... again I've not listened to this new Imus show and still know next to nothing about him....... but i heard a quote from him on NPR, that implied to me not much had changed with Imus and sort of made me smile despite myself......... "Dick Cheynne is still a war criminal, Hillary Clinton is still Satan and I'm back on the radio!

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