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Previous | Next :: Hope You Are Wearing Your Seat-Belt : 8th Av 32nd St : NYC | December 14, 2007, 11:42 pm

Hope You Are Wearing Your Seat-Belt : 8th Av 32nd St : NYC
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I might have to come clean with Ed..... that I wasn't wearing my seat-belt for this shot....... in fact I am so far out of the back window.... I am effectively on the roof! Ed had said everyone must wear their seat belts at all times as a condition to borrowing his cab. Which is fair enough........ but as soon as I start shooting this 'get the picture' kind of 'fight or flight' thing just kicks in ....... and just 'do what ever it takes' becomes operative...... stuff you have said in a past life before you were looking down the camera lens........ well it is all secondary to the primeval drive to 'get the picture' which fully occupies that current time. So as we are cruising down 8th Av with me leaning on the roof I just have this half remembered memory pass momentarily into my conscious thought...... we said we would use seat belts at all times.... and now I'm on the roof. Sorry about that Ed.

I am in DC now........ must get back to NYC....... I always miss the snow........ maybe there will be more tomorrow!

Cheers Jez XX

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