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Previous | Next :: Hillary Clinton Eyes on the Prize : Hackensack : NJ | January 25, 2008, 1:19 am

Hillary Clinton Eyes on the Prize : Hackensack : NJ
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Sorry I've been a little lapse in posting..... I've been zapping around working like crazy..... it's a long story...... here is a picture from yesterday....... Hillary Clinton never lets the prospect of being President slip from her gaze for a second ....... she is here addressing a classic blue collar democrat audience in the NJ town of Hackensack ..... the Bergen County Chief of Police kept the crowd warmed up for sometime while they waited for Hillary to arrive..... she was seriously behind schedule.... The Police Chief was a classic local politician... amiable and grimly partisan to the last hair on his body..... but obviously having been told to say some inclusive welcoming words to try and steal from Barrak Obama's play book...... so it was an odd mix of "We are all proper Democrats and we look after our own!" full of hostility to others...... and..... "Oh by the way anyone who is here just to listen to Hillary to try and make up their open mind thats great.... and you are welcome" but there was just the slight feeling that if anyone actually said they were not part of the Hillary machine.... well they might not make it out of the car park in one piece.

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