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Previous | Next :: Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama : American University : DC | January 29, 2008, 6:00 am

Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama : American University : DC
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It was great to see the 'Liberal Lion' himself pass the blessings of the Democrats 'First Family' to Obama ..... his endorsement comes at a critical time for Obama and just might help him to swing certain voting blocs, that the Clinton camp think they already own, away from Hillary.

So overall I was pleased to be around and to finally get this image.... but the hassle of it all was just have to say the event itself was farcically badly organized especially in regard to press access..... I gather some broadcasters from the top political shows on TV couldn't gain entry.... I myself spent hours waiting in a line in the cold.....all to boring to go into.... but come on Obama Campaign people.... get it together if you don't let the press in and treat them like cattle in the yard.... its going to effect your write up.......and of course their perception of your competence.... you can't just blame moronic local security at AU.... anyway I've said it now.... I feel better for that.

Cheers Jez XX

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