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Previous | Next :: Samantha Power : Author of Chasing the Flame : DC | March 1, 2008, 1:02 am

Samantha Power : Author of Chasing the Flame : DC
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Samantha Power, Author of Chasing the Flame, Biography of Sergio Viera de Mello and senior foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama....... I dashed to this interview in DC late from Dulles airport...... managed to shoot this and other pictures for the Sunday Times (UK) ...... she is promoting her new book about Sergio de Mello...... I figured I would hear something about him...... but it was all Obama questions (I think it started with some de Mello but I was'nt present)....... so when I am driving in Miami today and she came on the radio.... I think I will finally get to hear something about Sergio de Mello .... maybe his life, his work and philosophy (he led UN efforts in Kosovo and was killed taking the the lead for the UN in Iraq immediately after the US invasion had taken place )..... Samantha Power has thought a lot about addressing genocide in a modern world and this book is not her first work around these issues...... and I must read it I guess if I want to know in detail about the life of Sergio de Mello...... cos the radio interview she gave today literally did not allow her to mention his name...... it was all Obama .... it must be frustrating and useful all at once.... the fact that she is a senior Obama advisor means everyone wants her on their show right now ...... unfortunately she doesnt then really get to talk about the new book she is supposedly going on the show to promote........ oh well.....

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