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Previous | Next :: One Year To The Day : Virginia Tech : Blacksburg Virginia | April 16, 2008, 4:11 pm

One Year To The Day : Virginia Tech : Blacksburg Virginia
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I literally just now received a phone call from a person I met down in Virginia last year in the aftermath of the shootings on the Virginia Tech Campus. She seemed shocked that I had not gone back to Blacksburg to cover the service of remembrance and memorials being held today. I felt a little sheepish. Mind you even in my personal life I am not great at anniversaries.... happy or sad....... I sometimes forget my own birthday never mind my friends and I do not know any of the dates when terrible things happened in my life....... that way each day is a new day not one polluted by the past or pre determined to be sad (or even happy). This anniversary in at VTech will be important for all that were there and especially those that lost family and friends. I guess there will not be the same hundreds of sat trucks and journalists that arrived at the time of the outrage.......and I will not be going.......... hopefully thats better for those still grieving.

In respectful remembrance....... this is a picture I made last year showing the flag flying at half mast outside the university admin building right next door to where the shootings occurred...... I know the university flags are flying at half mast again today.

Cheers Jez XX

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