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Previous | Next :: Rain on Earth Day: Earth Day on the Mall : DC | April 22, 2008, 9:15 am

Rain on Earth Day: Earth Day on the Mall : DC
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More from Earth Day on the Mall......... Given the weather that whole thing was as successful as it could be......... Certainly some people in the crowd seemed to keep on enjoying themselves... though the rain was almost constant!!

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!! CALL NOW!!!! GIVE THEM A RING ON THE HILL!!!!!...........202 224 3121

Earth Day on the Mall brought to you by Earthday Network and Green Apple Festival presented by Chase

ONE MILLION CALLS TO CONGRESS Our Call for Climate will go out to the U.S. Congress on Earth Day, April 22 and we hope to generate 1-million phone calls to lawmakers! Please call your Representative in Congress or your Senator 202 224 3121. Ask them to enact tough and fair climate change legislation.

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