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Previous | Next :: Rain Rain Rain Cut : Earth Day on the Mall : DC | April 27, 2008, 10:24 am

Rain Rain Rain Cut : Earth Day on the Mall : DC
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Yeah it just kept on raining.......... I love these rain pictures they capture for me the craziness of being there.........they are all handled slightly differently..... this one looks like a film set it reminds me of controlled rain engineered by a bowser or a fire truck....... then you see the film camera on the dolly is also getting absolutely soaked....... hehehe..... .this certainly is not controlled artificial rain...... it is crazily the real thing!!!!!!!...... but this image for me... still has the lit vibe of a film set.... with the backlit rain of movies ........ it was taken a couple of minutes before the police closed the whole Mall down......ending the gig....... as I understand lightening had struck the Washington Monument.

Cheers Jez XX

Earth Day on the Mall brought to you by Earthday Network and Green Apple Festival presented by Chase

ONE MILLION CALLS TO CONGRESS Our Call for Climate will go out to the U.S. Congress on Earth Day, April 22 and we hope to generate 1-million phone calls to lawmakers! Please call your Representative in Congress or your Senator 202 224 3121. Ask them to enact tough and fair climate change legislation.

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