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Previous | Next :: Happy Independece Day - NYC | July 4, 2008, 8:58 am

Happy Independece Day - NYC
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So it's a day for patriotism and er... yellow taxis... oh yeah and beer (domestic beer that is), apple pie, beer, hot dogs, beer, and fireworks... and the right to bear arms. In some parts of the country, usually the more rural areas, after lots of beer the men folk will shoot their guns in the air... but what goes up must come down, and so the story goes.

I was at a big July 4th celebration once in California and it was fantastic. They had monster trucks crushing cars, fireworks to the symphony orchestra, a mega fairground... in fact the whole experience was pretty mega... until Rush Limbaugh got up and started ranting on. As a Brit I started to feel icredibly insecure... I think it was something to do with the combination of the "down with the Brits" and "isn't it great to bear arms" sentiment... as I remember we slipped away quietly.

Anyway, that was then and these days my neighbors always joke that I should have a word with queen and ask her to take it back since the current government are driving the country into the ground. I just tell them that if they're not happy then they should either vote the right people in or rise up in the form of a malitia, overthrow he government and establish a new one!

Peace out, Matt

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