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Previous | Next :: British Peace Keeper in Bosnia : Sarajevo : 1996 | July 28, 2008, 12:05 am

British Peace Keeper in Bosnia : Sarajevo : 1996
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This is part of a little series of images showing women soldiers who made up some of the force of peacekeepers in Bosnia back in the 90's. They are posted to celebrate the capture of part time new age healer and mass murderer...... former leader of Serbian held Bosnia.......... Radovan Karadzic. This is again a British woman soldier at what was then the main base of operations for the Brits which was underneath the partly destroyed Stadium on the Hills just outside the main City of Sarajevo...... a stadium that had been part of the Winter Olympics in what seemed to be another lifetime...... before the city fell prey to the ethnic cleansers and big guns of Karadzic.

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