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Previous | Next :: Havana Spared Ike : Havana : Cuba | September 9, 2008, 11:50 pm

Havana Spared Ike : Havana : Cuba
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Hurricane Ike narrowly missed Havana. A million people had been evacuated to safer buildings in Cuba. Many of the rickety tenement blocks and decaying apartment buildings are thought to be very weak, they are in such a terrible state of repair that they would literally collapse in a major storm. So its good news for the residents of Havana that they were spared a direct hit. The people of Cuba have enough trouble and hardship in their lives they could do without two hurricanes in the space of a week. I watched the Weather Channel and some other US TV stations for an up date on how Cuba was faring but they only regarded the island of Cuba as mechanism for slowing and retarding the storm before it hits the United States...... again I had to go the trustee BBC to find out what was actually happening on Cuba to the people that live there..... Ike is now thought to be heading for Texas or Mexico.

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