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Previous | Next :: Detroit Sunset 2 : Detroit Metropolitan Airport : Michigan USA | September 20, 2008, 1:23 am

Detroit Sunset 2 : Detroit Metropolitan Airport : Michigan USA
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At the risk of repeating myself........ I am shooting the sunset at Detroit Airport again....... today from inside the terminal waiting to get my flight out...... At least North West airlines decided to upgrade me to First Class for this flight. I was working for The Times (UK) they definitely are only paying to have you sitting at the back...... In fact First Class in something that never happens on editorial jobs these days...... not since the fantastic days of the Observer (UK) in the heady crazy days when it was owned by the mining and precious metals conglomerate Lonrho........ They appeared to let it just burn money....... when I worked there we always travelled First Class and always stayed in the finest hotels...... sometimes I would have trouble in hotels that did not want to serve dinner to people in jeans and the odd air hostess who needed to check the ticket again before allowing you to turn left......... but other the odd problem of not looking smart enough for my travel arrangements it was luxury all the way....... well sort of...... I was dragging my bullet proof jackets across the world and heading for all sorts of grim circumstance...... but at least we travelled there and back in style even if the hotels had in fact been half destroyed by shelling when we got to some of the grimmest destinations.

Cheers Jez XX

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