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Previous | Next :: Ben Macintyre : Unnamed Writers House : USA | September 21, 2008, 1:26 am

Ben Macintyre : Unnamed Writers House : USA
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Ben Macintyre ...... have not seen him for 18 years....... My first proper stint with a National Newspaper in Britain was with the now long defunct Sunday Correspondent....... Ben Macintyre myself and a few other buddies from back in the day personally helped it go bankrupt by zapping around the world at it\'s expense. We all had great fun and did some pretty cool journalism but the Guardian owned \'Corry\' only lasted about a year.........Launched on September 17, 1989, it ceased publication on November 25, 1990..... I literally have not seen Ben since then.... so it was a surprise to suddenly be working with him....... these days he is the author of 6 acclaimed books and a respected writer on The Times....... but I can honestly say he did not appear to have changed that much....... still displaying what I remember as his signature cherubic looks and enthusiastic manner..... here he is interviewing a well known literary figure for the Times...... but you will need to read The Times (UK) next week to find out who it is........ ?

Cheers Jez XX (DC correspondent)

His latest book sounds incredibly interesting ..... its the true story of a double agent during the second world war........ Agent ZigZag

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