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Previous | Next :: Out of Many One : National Cathedral : DC | October 21, 2008, 11:24 pm

Out of Many One : National Cathedral : DC
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In my last blog entry I gave Colin Powell a mention as I was impressed by his cross party lines endorsement of Barack Obama......... I also liked his reaching out to Islamic Americans ....... and his embrace of the classic American concept of ; 'Out of many one '..... as opposed to the Sarah Palin position......labelling people un-American if they do not support her position...... then today I saw that classic American motto was produced on the floor in the National Cathedral as I was working in DC......... So here it is on the seal of the President of America.......'E pluribus unum' the Latin for 'out of many one'....... as you see (or already knew) it is central to the seal of the US president..... the seal shown marks the tomb of Woodrow Wilson the 28th President of America........ it is lit by light streaming through the amazing stained glass windows of the National Cathedral.

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