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Previous | Next :: Sunset Sky Walk Observatory Prudential Tower : 52 floors up : Boston | November 25, 2008, 2:08 am

Sunset Sky Walk Observatory Prudential Tower : 52 floors up :  Boston
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Here is a slightly better controlled image of the Sky Walk Obersevatory........ the other view is a bit mad and out of control....... i was having a day filled with out of control useless things happening...... I was shooting an outside lit portraight with no assistant..... er.... thats always gonna lead to one of your lights getting blown over then having a smashed flash-tube ..... the invacome thingy keeps falling off my fave light meter...... it was mega cold and the girls in the shot were just totally freezing....... the sat nav thing had some kind of nervous breakdown and sent us out of Boston in those mega tunnels under the river..... not accross town to the Prudential Tower....... then to cap it all I completely lost my rental car in the 10000 space carpark below the Prudential Tower...... it was madness I knew the number of my space Green H36........ but there was no signs referencing this...... you had to know whether you were in P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 North or South Garage..... so i say Im in space Green H36 to the information people they have no idea what Im talking about they have no maps or info that refers to the space numbers....... so I wonder about aimlessly...... in the end I have to go out of the center on to the street and walk back into the parking the way the cars enter so I can retrace the way I had entered by car..... when I get back to it an hour after first looking..... i find the car next to its big number H36 Green which is painted there like all the other space numbers to lull you into thinking you will able to use this info to re find your vehicle...... I never saw P5 or north Garage written anywhere but thats apparently what I needed to know to find it ? ....... I recomend taking a ball of string ..... all of this messing led to me cutting it very tight on my flight..... I had no time to put in the $1-50's worth of gas I had used so Thrifty Rental car were happy to charge me $30-00 to put it in for me....... that always bugs me ..... by the way Thrify rental car at Boston airport isn't by any stretch of the imagination at Boston airport....... it is at least 3 miles away....... I would certainly try another company if I was flying back into Boston.

Cheers Jez XX

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