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Previous | Next :: Taxi - Girls Street Color : 7th and Times Sq : NYC | November 27, 2008, 1:43 am

Taxi - Girls Street Color : 7th and Times Sq : NYC
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I see there is more FBI and intelligence chatter about threats to NYC subways and Amtrak services to the City from terror types operating in the USA. Depressing...... especially when you look at what has happened in India today ........ over one hundred people being murdered in the most disgusting and depressing attacks. Anyway..... Penn Station seems to be singled out as the proposed target of any new NYC terror. I go through phases of spending a ton of time there zapping up and down by train between DC and NYC.........

The only way to avoid Penn is to go by taxi and then on the (depending on the wifi) awful/joyous Bolt Bus....... joy ........... mind you even then you are getting on that bus pretty near to Penn....

Well Lets try and not think about it......... Cheers Happy Thanksgiving!


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