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Previous | Next :: Busy Postman? : Grand Central Station : NYC | December 15, 2008, 10:42 pm

Busy Postman? : Grand Central Station : NYC
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So this is one of the heaviest days for the Post Office people mailing millions of cards and letters and presents for the holidays ....... 960 million items today alone......... I'm thinking I just saw a nice picture of a Postman on my continuing sort through my hard drives........ Yeah....... so I'll put that up today to recognize the increased burden on them all and just to recognize that we owe them at this time of year especially........

U.S. Postal Service Holidays facts:

232 Number of years the U.S. Postal Service has been delivering holiday cheer.

19 billion Number of cards, letters and packages to be delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas

3.4 billion Number of letters mailed over the holidays.

82 million Average daily number of First-Class cards and letters mailed.

960 million Number of pieces of mail processed on Dec. 15, the busiest mailing day of the year.

700 million Average number of pieces of mail processed daily.

826 million Average number of pieces of mail processed daily during the holidays.

20 million In pounds, the amount of mail the Postal Service will process for overseas military installations, including war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

7,400 Number of Post Offices with expanded hours.

214,500 Number of vehicles used to transport holiday mail, including 188,336 half-ton trucks

2.17 billion Number of holiday stamps the Postal Service printed this year.

130 million Number of customers who visit the Post Office during the holidays.

There is only one slight problem when I come to look at this image again......... hehehehe......... he is not a postman or Mail Carrier as people say round here......... hehehehe....... he is a train driver....... hehehe........ oh well I guess these guys are extra busy ferrying people home in the Holidays....... hehehe....... they deserve a mention too....hehehe !!!!!! :-)))


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