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Previous | Next :: Irwin Stelzer : His Office: DC | January 5, 2009, 3:37 am

Irwin Stelzer : His Office: DC
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Dr Irwin Stelzer....... he is a mega economics expert.... Columnist with the Sunday Times of London..... contributing editor to numerous others..... whose opinion is sort by many broadcasters too..... I photographed him last year in his fantastic office.... anyone who has great photography on his walls is going to go up in my opinion..... he had mega stuff including a great giant contact sheet of a roll of images made by Terry O' Neil showing an evening with Frank Sinatra..... amazing stuff..... and Irwin although busy was very nice and generous with his time......

I heard Irwin on the BBC world Service this weekend..... he said something that made me think.... he said he was sad to always hear people having materialistic thinking or an interest in material things always referred to as less moral than people with less wealth and less stuff........

I had heard exactly that from Rowan Williamson the Arch Bishop of Canterbury's new year's message..... condemning materialism and materialistic thinking...... standard stuff for the church of England and Rowan Williams in particular.

But Irwin is right ....... if you make a successful business that employs a lot of people...... giving other people employment and a living..... that is not a bad thing ..... wealth creation benefits us all......

If you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and you make billions then you set up a foundation to give it all away to benefit the worlds poorest....... is that still lacking morals?

Cheers Jez XX

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