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Previous | Next :: All change Washington DC | January 20, 2009, 8:54 am

All change Washington DC
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So it's all change in DC... except for Jez where it's all change in a variety of airports across a couple of continents. So far today he seen Munich and London, and will shortly arrive in Miami before departing for Trinidad. I received a text from him early this morning as he stopped in London asking me to post an image on the blog. He' somewhat depressed as he spends this historic day sitting on planes travelling to the next shoot, when he should be crawling around DC capturing the festivities. So here it is, one from the recent archive. I'm not sure if it would be your choice Jez, but you can chastize me for it later :)

In the meantime, get some sleep as you have to be on the road again at 6am tomorrow.

Cheers, Matt

Added at 5-25PM in Miami Airport by Jez :

Hey I would love to be there but I bet it is also a bit of a nightmare..... sometimes the big set piece events don't lead to mega pics....... but there is something about being around as history is made.... I love that..... today especially..... like the election of Mandela its a complete break with the past...... I would love to see it..... but these jobs have been great both in Brazil and Germany and now Im on the way to Trinidad and Im glad I did'nt turn them down they were time sensitive so there was no delaying them....... Im sitting in the airport in Miami at 5-15 watching the inaugral parade live...... when I got up this morning in Munich Barack Obama was only President Elect and at Heathrow it was still too early to ring my friends in America ...... Now 9 hours later Im here in Florida America is truely a different place........ I feel a bit of an idiot not being there...... but it was the right call Matt..... hehehe.... I could use a bit of a rest but its all going well.... the flight appears to be proceeding on time for Trinidad...... thats for putting up this pic of Obama.... its a nice smiley one perfect for today.... Yeah Jaime is right.....!Good Luck Obama! ... Good Luck America!!

Cheers Jez XXXXX

PS....... Hope Amin and Candice are not lost in those crowds.!!

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