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Previous | Next :: Taxi Madness on 9th - The Mechanistic Motions of City : 9th and 23rd : NYC | January 29, 2009, 5:41 am

Taxi Madness on 9th - The Mechanistic Motions of City : 9th and 23rd : NYC
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Yesterday Lynda wrote:

". . . following up on your post to me on Jan. 25. . . browsed your archives and found the bird pic (the pic you posted on Sept. 05) . . . yes, I see what you mean. That’s supposed to be the point of images in literature too? (well written literature anyway) . . . your bird pic works on at least three or four symbolic levels (note: there’s a flag in your bird pic as well), and all of the symbols are “on point” and organic to the photo . . . the pic taps into a collective consciousness . . . so bird pic works in a way that something like a typical sunset pic doesn’t.

I’m guilty of ooooing and ahhhing over sunset/sunrise pics, but they don’t stick with you like the layered pics, like the bird pic, do (or the guy standing off the tank in Tiananmen Square, which was very layered) . . . some of your friend Amin's rural/chicken pics work in a layered or symbolical fashion, especially for someone like me who likes William Carlos Williams . . .

But now I’m wondering why your taxi pic (Jan 10) seems to work in a similar way . . . I haven’t figured it out . . . that pic seems more layered than the other taxi pics . . . it has a “stick with you” quality somehow . . . but can’t figure out how . " .

So I wrote in reply :

"'The mechanistic motions of a city can become a consciousness' WCW

The blurring layers from the city are the city. The city implied in a form where you evoke it all at once. The movement the of the people... the traffic, the buildings, the street sellers, the junkies, the 'Masters of the Universe'. New York City the capital city of the world. The smell and the sound....... the push and the desperate speed..... in a pure visual form.......

Cheers Jez XX "

I was interested in my own sort of off the cuff reply........... yeah thats kind of it I guess........ I was thinking about it....... I mentioned it to Amin and Candice when we were out.......... Anyway I shot this above.......... and Amin shot this ....... thanks Lynda you inspired it all...... hehehe......

Cheers Jez XX

PS........ Check out Candy's mad Zebra pic........ fantastc!

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