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Previous | Next :: Hands Science & Health : Philadelphia : USA | February 11, 2009, 1:20 am

Hands Science & Health : Philadelphia : USA
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I was at a science related to health conference all day today. I started shooting at 7-30 AM and finished shooting at the same time PM. It was pretty tiring but very friendly and really interesting...... its actually a long time since I have shot a conference....... I used to do many back in the day in London..... some no where near as interesting as this (the law society was sometimes a bit of a killer)....... but I don't remember shooting a conference at all in the last 10 years..... so I actually enjoyed the return to the discipline of it all...... if you do too many they start to drive you mad ..... but well spread out ..... with an interesting crowd and topic and good catering hey what more could you ask for..... :-)

These are the hands of a leading speaker at the event..... shot while he is interviewed.

Cheers Jez XXXX

PS......... I notice that the strobist has a great interview today with Bill Zelman 'his airy moment orientated photos are loose honest and have an unscripted natural feel to them' slightly different from the strobists usual material but it made me even more impressed with the site as it slightly increased it's range. It has fantastic strobe lit creations at its core and is always worth a peek it is always an education but was just a little broader today.

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