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Previous | Next :: Prof. Lucinda Roy: VTEC Massacre : Virginia USA | April 9, 2009, 12:41 pm

Prof. Lucinda Roy: VTEC Massacre : Virginia USA
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Prof Lucinda Roy who personally tutored the shooter before the Virginia Tech Killings ........ She received a lot of attention in April 2007 when, immediately after the Virginia Tech massacre, it was revealed that she had in 2005 recognized spree shooter Seung-Hui Cho\'s behavior and his weird creative writings as indicators of threatening or dangerous behavior to follow. She warned campus authorities and police about him at that time, but as Cho had not made any specific threats in the eyes of police or university staff, the authorities took no action. Seung-Hui Cho went on to shoot 32 people on the VTEC campus.

Now Prof. Roy has just released a book called \"No Right to Remain Silent: The Tragedy at Virginia Tech\" ......... I just heard her speaking......... she is obviously still angry that the VTEC authorities are still not facing the reality of what happened and what might have been done......... and what needs to be done even now.


Ps Sorry this pic is late up........ I was having a back up panic last night after a slight scare....... so all my computers were in major league back-up mode ..... hehehehe...... :-))

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