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Previous | Next :: Detroit Public Schools Face Closure : Detroit : Michigan USA | April 10, 2009, 12:14 am

Detroit Public Schools Face Closure : Detroit : Michigan USA
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DETROIT (AP) — "The state overseer of the Detroit Public Schools has proposed closing 23 schools and laying off 600 teachers to attack a projected $303 million deficit.

He says a final decision on the restructuring plan is expected May 8 and another round of potential school closings will be announced this summer. The district has 192 schools and about 5,700 teachers.

Bobb became overseer of Michigan's largest public school district after Gov. Jennifer Granholm declared a financial emergency"

Times are tough......... no ones job is safe..... even the job of this fantastic 'School Super' we met and photographed in a public school in Detroit last year.


PS........So it's not just all doom and gloom....... Just a bit of good..... nice uplifting stuff........ look at this lovely email I just read....... Its from a person we were working with down in the big ATL on Thursday....... This message completely made my day...........


Just wanted to drop you a quick note. I met with J today, and showed him my top picks from the photoshoot.

J actually lifted his arms in the air and exclaimed "YES!" when I started showing him the pictures. He said that the images exceeded his expectations, and you all hit every aspect of the brief, saying it was better than he could have possibly imagined.

I don't think he could have been more pleased with your work. He complimented your fabulous attitudes, ability to work with people, and (of course) the results.

Thanks again for doing such a fabulous job. I'm looking forward to coming up with some designs...

:)B "

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