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Previous | Next :: Teachers Running a Physical Education Program : Atlanta : GA | April 17, 2009, 2:30 am

Teachers Running a Physical Education Program :  Atlanta : GA
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Today is the funeral of my old headmaster Gordon Green. He was Headmaster at Primrose Hill a big comprehensive (state/public school) in Birmingham from the time I joined the school age 11 till I left at the age of 18........ and longer........ He was a very decent man who was an educationalist his whole life and was particularly devoted to bringing education to some of the under privileged children in the UK City of Birmingham.

I knew him as my headmaster with all that goes with that............ but also knew he had a wry sense of humor and he would take great delight in reading out loud to the school....... Normally funny passages from one of his favorite authors Laurie Lee........ Especially often from the book Cider with Rosie.

I had learned of his death the day I was shooting these pictures in Atlanta.......... I was struck by the absolute decency of these men the coaches of this session........... I was struck all over again by the nobilty of teaching as I watched these guys and thought back to Mr Green and his staff.

Gordon Green's funeral......... It's an open invitation for 1.30 on the 17th at St Nicholas Church on the Green Kings Norton Birmingham......... Today.


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