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Previous | Next :: Big Ben Houses of Parliament Over the Thames : London : UK | May 30, 2009, 9:51 am

Big Ben Houses of Parliament Over the Thames : London : UK
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The last couple of days I've been thinking about Britain...... about the UK about the value of Sterling and other dull issues....... but also really noticing the political crisis in Britain over M.P's expenses....... The brits are crying for blood the masses are revolting . Their law makers are being run to ground....... speculation has it that literally half the British M.P's will be forced to resign or lose their seat at the next election. A mass cull. This effects both leading political parties........Labour and Conservative........ not really the lib Dems the third party. It is amazing and slightly cringing to see this list of fiddling and petty charges they have made to their expenses..... mixed with clearly massive overcharging for mortgage payments that did not exsist and all sorts of frankly seriously dodgy stuff.

Funnily enough I always felt the British Parliament and the UK in general was relatively free of corruption. I always felt the British political system was relatively free of the influence of money. Still I actually believe that.

Sadly the M.P's in a personal capacity...... have been sticking cash in their back pockets........ in a way that is rather petty not really corrupt in the classic sense ....... its not that they have been bought off by money....... its more like they have been exposed involved in petty theft from their employers ........ the problem is their employers are the British tax payers.


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