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Previous | Next :: Taxi Driver in the Mirror : Park Av South at 18th Heading North : NYC | August 9, 2009, 5:21 am

Taxi Driver in the Mirror : Park Av South at 18th Heading North : NYC
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On the select categories for keywords and organization this image is able to fit both 'people' and 'taxis' ........ thats good.... I guess... normally they are either one or the other...... not both...... but this image... in my view..... made both categories at once.

I heard a story about Cuba on the world service of the BBC today ........ telling about how the apartheid that had stopped Cubans staying in a hotel in their own country has been lifted...... so Cubans can now stay in hotels in Cuba..... those hotels had been previously reserved exclusively for foreign tourists with hard currency...... it was illegal for a Cuban to stay in one........ So it is sort of a good news story in that some restrictions on the people have been lifted....... but of course people cannot afford to do it unless a family member who lives and works in the USA brings money back to pay for his/her family to go..... as locals are still expected to pay in foreign currency the equivalent of at least $100 per day per person ...... nobody could do this on the average Cuban wage of less than $20 per month.

So it was sort of a good news story in that petit restrictions and laws restricting access by the general population to goods and services are being lifted in Cuba........ but it is in my view sort of equally a bad news story....... as there is no way the average Cuban can pay for those goods or services...... so as I listened to this story......... for me was in both categories at once.


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