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Previous | Next :: Dodgy iphone over London : London Approach to Heathrow : UK | August 13, 2009, 5:15 am

Dodgy iphone over London : London Approach to Heathrow : UK
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Its sort of 2AM in New York but its the dawn light in SE England as I fly over London into Heathrow. I shot this on the iphone....... so its a little dodgy...... its a bit of a stretch for the iphone camera in low light and through the airplane windows :-) ...... but i dont have any other pictures on me right now...... as Im using the mighty Boingo wifi network in Terminal 3...... while having a spectacular 'full British Breakfast' ....... I miss these full on fried breakfasts living in the US...... but its probably wise to only treat yourself to them on your first day when you arrive back in London....... if you ate these everyday on a long stay over here...... you could be heading for a massive fatal heart attack before you could back to the US of A :-/ :-) :-))..... hehehe...... but they are fantastic!!


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