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Previous | Next :: Brits Like a Drink - London Cab Friday Night : Shaftesbury Avenue : London | September 9, 2009, 11:59 pm

Brits Like a Drink - London Cab Friday Night : Shaftesbury Avenue : London
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I am ill .......... yeah I seem to be done in by a cold........ I stayed in bed till midday........ it was just fab.

Im still here in London....... so it is necessary to put up a London cab ....... with a few alcohol loving Brits encapsulating a classic Friday Night out in the West End.

On a more serious note Im glad to see Stephen Farrell a Brit/Irish reporter with the New York Times is now freed having been kidnapped while working in Afghanistan. It appears he was freed by British Special Forces and Paratroopers who stormed the place he was being held with the Afghan journalist and translator Sultan Munadi who tragically died in the rescue attempt. A British soldier thought to be a paratrooper also died in the rescue bid.

Kidnapping is a totally heinous crime ..... disgusting in its entire conception and manifestation. it is one of the most feared enemies of journalism and truth. Sadly it has become a reality that must be faced by working journalists across a host of countries where journalistic enquiry and truth are seriously needed.

It is terribly sad that Sultan Munadi died in the rescue attempt..... and terribly sad that the paratrooper also died....... but I think its right to try and act to free people in those circumstances .... if there is a fair possibility they can be rescued. I know that if I was ever held in similar circumstances and military service personnel were willing to risk themselves to try and rescue me ... I know I would be grateful to them....... I would want them to try ..... even if the outcome was not completely assured.

Thoughts and condolences of course to the family of Sultan Munadi and to the family of the slain soldier...... both these men have died in an attempt to ensure that we will have proper journalistic enquiry and truth in our own western societies and also in Afghan society.


PS...... I understand two innocent bystanders were also killed in the exchange of fire between rescuers and Taliban hostage takers........ of course the deaths of these innocents is also tragic.... and its not right to not think also of them and offer condolences to their families when thinking of this kidnapping and rescue.

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