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Previous | Next :: Dax : Maya Breeze Inn Placencia : Belize | September 24, 2009, 10:07 am

Dax : Maya Breeze Inn Placencia : Belize
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Here is Dax owner of the Maya Breeze Inn where we are staying here in Belize. He is pictured laughing with friends at home in his famous tiki bar on the beach ..... which famously has its clock jammed at 5pm ...... hey... its always time for a drink.

Dax has had an incredible life and when he and his best buddy Keith get to telling of their crazy past shared business life and adventures its pretty amazing stuff.

Although he has been the proprietor of many businesss ...... He is not your conventional businessman. He likes the casual beach life of Belize and is rarely seen in anything but the most casual of beach attire........ He loves to make sure his guests are well cared for both by himself and his staff. I have been fortunate enough to be treated to Dax's own mighty cooking on two occasions...... both times I had amazing lobster cooked by him after they had been landed straight out of the sea on his hotels beach.

He is a kind and generous host ... and loved by his employees and many people in the community. He sponsors Belize's table tennis champ and the local football teams for kids..... He reminds me of the Lion in the Narnia stories ..... Aslan ...... all powerful in his realm ..... fun....... always a force for good....... but slightly mysterious and deep with it.......


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