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Previous | Next :: Robinson Crusoe Island : Seaprio off the Placencia Peninsular : Belize | September 28, 2009, 3:21 am

Robinson Crusoe Island  : Seaprio off the Placencia Peninsular : Belize
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Belize in its dream holiday zones is a mixture of luxury first class and third world grind and poverty in close proximity ...... it's the same in many tourist destinations .

We took a boat ride with Dax and V over to Seapiro ..... A tiny island off the coast of the Placencia Peninsula......... a family live there have done for 17 years. They are good friends with V and Dax....... They are looking after the island for an Italian diplomat who bought it 17 years ago..... but has never returned to look at his purchase.......... They are paid a small fee to keep the place in good shape..... The family live in tents and small huts on the beach..... Their lives are actually a mixture of the first world dream of living undisturbed on a beautiful Island.... and obvious third world hardship.

They have a plentiful supply of sea food especially lobster which they catch with ease. But they are living in these tiny makeshift structures on the beach in the tree line.

It is an amazing place to visit. Ann-Helen whipped up lobster and beans for us and we marveled at the apparent beauty and simplicity of their lives......... imagining what it might be like to live full-time in these 'Robinson Crusoe' structures on the beach catching and living on sea food.

Because Dax and V are genuinely good friends with the family it felt comfortable to be in their humble home..... and certainly Ann-Helen and her 3 children seemed very happy as she cooked us amazing food in this very basic kitchen you see above...... she is pictured with one of her two young daughters... her elder son is preparing seafood at the waters edge... the other small girl is with him.... her husband was away fishing.

It really was like stepping out of the holiday world that is familiar..... into a much more genuinely 'local experience'..... Im sure this would be a way to authentic an experience for some.


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