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Previous | Next :: Embrace and Defy Genocide: Washington DC | May 1, 2006, 11:56 pm

Embrace and Defy Genocide: Washington DC
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Yoni Stadlin and Yeshoshua Long embrace on the Mall outside the Capital building. They are part of a huge rally to bring the spotlight on to the genocide in Darfur. They embrace 'feeling the love and spirit and history of this place' they are 'celebrating being alive'. Both are strong believers in Judaism. "Our being alive is an act of defying the attempt at genocide against our own familys and our own race"... "We are still alive!".... 'We are all family here, all the Jewish Groups, and all the people on the rally, we here are all family with the people of Darfur. All the people, everyone on this rally being alive, caring about and loving others is an act of defiance against genocide" I watched these guys for ten minutes. They were so engaged in their embrace they were completely unaware of me! I spoke to them at the end of their long embrace.

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