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Previous | Next :: British Fascism Rears It's Ugly Head : BNP March : London | October 23, 2009, 7:48 pm

British Fascism Rears It's Ugly Head : BNP March : London
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If you've been in Britain this week you will be aware Nick Griffin has been attempting to present a nice face for British fascism.

The leader of the British National Party was for the first time allowed on network TV as his party has polled enough to qualify for airtime on the BBC. This has caused a storm of controversy and protest here as this holocaust denier and racist attempted to make excuses for the KKK and present a cuddly vista of his vile views.

It was depressing to think enough Brits had voted for his party to give them the veneer of respectably and the place at the table they so crave. Griffin attempted to present an acceptable politicians face to fascism. But I think ..... the brutal attack face showed through...... This is a picture I made at a BNP march previously.


PS.... Here is a BBC run down on Griffin and the BNP.............

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